Columbus Souls

Columbus Souls

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Picture by Lindsey Jones

“I moved here in 2000 from St. Petersburg, FL, I’m originally from NYC. My day job, I will soon be retired from, is in the medical field as an ultrasound tech. Around 10 years ago a friend of mine wanted to join a pottery class and they needed a certain amount of people in order to continue the class. My friend asked me to join, and I became enthralled with pottery. I now belong to Britt David Pottery Studio and have a studio and kiln at my home. I also started iPOT Ralat, which is my business for selling pieces. Clay art is my passion, and now my new career.” – Nellie Ralat, Artist (Clay Art)/iPOT Ralat

Photograph taken at the Columbus Artist Guild 2015 Exhibition. Ms. Ralat won the President’s Award for Best New Artist with her piece “Reflections”.


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