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Our City of Fountains: The Skin Pounders

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A carney, gangster, scoundrel… friend. “Sailor” Bill Killingsworth is considered a pioneer in the tattoo world. Many of the stories you hear about Bill consists of bad tattoos and guns. No matter what you’ve heard however, he was respected by many. Claiming the title of King of Victory Drive, Sailor Bill found himself in a long time war with rival tattoo shop owner Fast Freddie. It is said that they would drive by each other’s shops and shoot out windows at times…just to remind each other that the competition wasn’t going anywhere; two men fighting for the same nickel.

I remember as early as the 90’s, the tattoo industry was not as commercialized as it is today. There were no Miami Ink’s and Kat Van D’s on your televisions. There was no internet. There were shops found where reality struck most. What’s funny too is that it seems that tattoo’s skipped a generation. In my day, coming home with a tattoo would mean getting your ass kicked by mom and dad. It was frowned upon by so many. Sure there were many places in the states where getting tatted was common, but unless you were military or of the non-blue-collard life, you just didn’t get them. Today, the number of people who have a tattoo is astronomical. It makes you wonder…has it become a fad, or is it truly society’s acceptance of changed times?

Flash cred: Sailor Jerry

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