Who Dunnit?

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It’s a beautiful relationship, art and food. There’s no doubt they are one in the same on most occasions. As we continue to support both of these well-loved scenes in Columbus, we see more local restaurants and entertainment venues cultivate relationships with each other.

One of these beautiful pairings is Sherlock’s Mystery Dinner Theatre and JK Culinary.

Chocolate stout cake/salted caramel ice cream/espresso mousse from Epic Restaurant.

Chocolate stout cake/salted caramel ice cream/espresso mousse from JK Culinary.

 Located at The RiverMill, Sherlock’s Mystery Dinner Theatre offers the public an evening of solving a mystery through belly laughs and divine food. It is a VIP experience perfect for couples, friends and family alike.

RiverMill Event Centre

RiverMill Event Centre

Owners Kate and JJ Musgrove write the scripts, which differ each season. After choosing the professional actors, Columbus Symphony’s Cameron Bean directs. You will also find Cameron acting occasionally, along with the impressive talents of Jim Pharr, Johanna Cabatinganand Caroline Garcia.

Cameron Bean and Adam Montague ready to solve the case. . .

Cameron Bean and Adam Montague ready to solve the case. . .

Award winning Chef Jamie Keating recently came on to take the culinary caliber of the mystery dinner to new heights. He brought his five star restaurant, Epic.

Chef Jamie Keating

Chef Jamie Keating

Behind the stage, something cohesive is taking place. Everyone is prepping together- chefs and actors, all in one room. Every team member is passionate about executing an impeccable recipe of theater and food. Epics’ staff constructs presentations of whipped, topped, saucy, encrusted goodness, while actors get saucy in their own respect, reciting the hilarious script, knowing that it won’t go exactly as planned.

Jim Pharr as Batman!

Jim Pharr and Caroline Garcia as Batman & Robin!

Part of the mystery lies in the audience performances. If you arrive there a few minutes early, you can opt to be a part of the show.

Handing out parts before the show can be fun!

Handing out parts before the show can be fun!

There’s a unique, vibrant energy that comes from mixing a script with brand new personalities, and therefore, inevitable improv. You never know what accents or demeanor will emerge from the audience. It’s a community coming together to celebrate, and it is completely delicious.

Adam Archer as "Bentley the Butler."

Adam Archer as “Bentley the Butler.”

The ticket price covers dinner and the theater. A cash bar awaits through the double door entrance into the foyer. At $59 per ticket, it’s a steal. Not only are you enjoying a meal well worth $60 alone, the ambiance of the gorgeous venue overlooking the river lends a lovely hand to the engaging show. So, whether you already Dunnit, or you’ve never Dunnit, see this season’s show to catch Who Dunnit this time!


Written by Cora King

Pictures provided by Sherlock’s Mystery Theatre

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