Why We Love Aldi Grocery Stores

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Last week the much anticipated ALDI grocery store opened in Columbus, GA with a line out of the door. After everything has settled a bit, most of you want to try ALDI.

Here are some reasons why you could love Aldi too:

1. Low Prices

Obviously what draws the crowd in, are ALDI’s low prices. If I were to spend $100.00 at a big name grocery store, I will spend about $50-60.00 on the same items at ALDI!

2. Quick Check Out
Yes, yes. I know…some of you may think ALDI is so packed all the time and there are always so many people in line…but did you also notice that those people were checked out alot quicker than you anticipated? This is because of bar codes baby! All of ALDI’s items have more than 1 bar code on them, many of them having up to 4 or 5! This allows the cashier to quickly slide the item through and most of the time atleast one of the bar codes are already in the right spot for beeping! No hunting for the bar code! GENIUS!

3. Friendly People
Have you ever been to ALDI and just handed your cart off without getting your quarter back? Okay, so it is just a quarter…but it is still nice to have someone just hand you their cart with a smile and tell you to have a good day. People who shop at ALDI must be in such a good mood after saving so much money, that they just want to be nice!

4. Quality of the Items
I was really surprised that ALDI’s item quality is not lacking in any areas! ALDI is honest! ALDI will surprise you when you discover how great the quality of their products are, at low prices!

5. ALDI Special Buys
The special buy items are many times seasonal, and change often. I always love them because I never know what kind of items are going to be in the special buys section. It’s fun to see what is new. I know the prices at ALDI are going to be lower than other stores, so there is no need for me to waste time shopping around.


So How Do They Do It?

    1. They have the minimum amount of staffing needed. The cashiers do the stocking, etc.
      You would think that this is hard on the staff, but it is not. Why not? If you notice there is no shelving in ALDI stores except for the wines. This allows for the stocking to be done in minutes. The boxes are opened and stacked on top of each other and in less than a minute over 100 new items can be “re-shelved”. Get it so far? You would also be amazed to know that their part-time cashiers recieve low cost benefits, and they are paid over $12 per hour. Also, have you noticed that the boxes the items are in, match the design on the item packages? I bet you didn’t notice one other thing about the packaging…
    2. The packages have more than one bar code on them!
      Why? This allows for the cashier to ring up our items quicker and more efficiently. Have you ever been in a long line at ALDI and within minutes you are putting your stuff on the line? That’s why! And another reason why is…
    3. They don’t weigh products.
      This also takes time when a cashier has to weigh products, pay attention next time, produce is sold by the unit, not the weight. This allows the cashier’s more efficiency in their job as well!
    4. They don’t use fancy shelves.
      As I mentioned before and as you probably know, the shelves are the boxes the product comes in. The carts for the milk and eggs are the carts that come off the distribution truck. They are not transferred to other shelves and carts. This allows for quick exchanging.
    5. They make their own products and do not have to pay other suppliers.
      Many grocery stores have to their suppliers, Kraft, Kellog’s, Miller, etc. brand names. Aldi makes their own products with many times, the same ingredients, and many times from the same places other brands get their ingredients from. This is what the purpose of the test kitchen is. They test each new product to ensure the taste and quality is as good as national brands, or better, before they package and approve it to be sold in ALDI stores. Kudos to you ALDI’s!!
    6. No one has to collect the grocery carts, or bag the groceries.
      They don’t need to pay extra staff to do this because of their quarter cart, and bag your own groceries systems that are in place. It’s worth cutting your bill in half, to bag your own groceries. Plus, you only need to buy the bags once, because you can reuse them. Feel free to bring in any type of bagging you need to your ALDI store, and you can use it.
    7. They use re-usable labels for their price tags.
      The price tags on the merchandise in the stores are an instantly changeable tag, notice in the photo to the right above. With a few adjustments to the tag, you can change the price instantly. No expensive printing or purchasing of tags of all prices possible is needed.

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