Sunday Q&A: Elaine Clayton


Author, Illustrator, Mystic After decades in New York City working with some of the publishing world’s biggest and brightest, Elaine Clayton recently returned home to Columbus. Even at this point in an already accomplished career, her creative output continues to ascend: Clayton’s book A Little Bit of Angels was recently reprinted and translated into French, while forthcoming The Way...

Sunday Q&A: Melissa Pritchard, Novelist / Journalist / Educator


Acclaimed writer on finding fascination in Columbus, developing the local literary scene, crafting fiction more true than truth, and awakening the genius in us all. Plus, which work she is most proud of in her stellar career — and why. How would you describe the art and science of teaching someone to write? “I didn’t start out as a teacher. I just kind of fell into it out of necessity...

God’s In The Water


– So, tell me about your book. What made you want to write a book to begin with? – “In the early stages I didn’t realize it was a going to be a book. I was in this strange place mentally where everything I was writing (mostly songs and poems) all had similar tones. At first I thought I was writing a premise for a song, then it became a poem, then it was a rough draft of chapter...