Sunday Q&A: Dr. Grant Scarborough, Founder + CEO of MercyMed


The MercyMed staff was on the frontlines in treatment and testing for COVID since the earliest days of the pandemic. How were y’all able to take such an aggressive approach?“We just saw a need. So I called the Health Department and asked, ‘How can we help?’  That was the day that the governor gave his first speech about it. They said, ‘We need someone to help us test.’We did the first...

Sunday Q&A: Olivia Amos, Director of The Food Mill


How would you describe the concept of Food Is Medicine? “It should be our first line of defense. What we put into our bodies is so important as far as nutrition and nourishment. The concept of Food Is Medicine is around that — just putting the right things, like fresh fruits and vegetables, into your body. Nothing that’s processed, no GMOs, so there’s no  chemicals — things that are not good for...

Sunday Q&A: Ed Wolverton, CEO of Uptown, Inc.


What are the odds that a part of Uptown will be designated by the city as an ‘entertainment’ zone and allows open-containers of alcoholic beverages?“That was something that was being actively investigated prior to COVID.Obviously, discussion got derailed. Once restrictions are lifted, we’ll examine the opportunity to carry beverages from one place to the next. There are communities that have done...