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Sunday Q&A: Georgia Mental Health ConsumersNetwork


At a time when the pain of life during pandemic brings a spike in suicide and substance abuse, Georgia this month slashed state funding for the mental-health programs that combat “the epidemic within the pandemic.”From the Georgia Mental Health Consumers Network, Roslyn Hayes and Chris Johnson sound off on the coming consequences of these budget cuts ahead of hosting on Thursday the Mental Health...

Caught Up: Going to Jail with Chaplain Neil


“Caught Up: Criminal Justice in the Chattahoochee Valley” Vol. 1 Like all other sheriff deputies reporting for duty at Muscogee County Jail, Chaplain Neil Richardson doesn’t carry a gun at work. “It’d just end up getting used against you,” Richardson says during a recent tour of the city facility. He explains matter-of-factly the policy against the 100 or so Muscogee County Sheriff’s...