Sunday Q&A: Leah & Darius Prather


The Chill Power Couple Columbus Needs Right Now Who — or what — is an Afro Hippy?    “The term is more so to represent the alternative Black culture and the subcultures within that.  Things I’m into: nerd culture, photography, things of that nature. On her side, it’s holistic care and the wide variety of things that play into that.We did the Afro-Hippy event [June 26 at the...

Youth Movement


“The kids decided they weren’t going to put up with it anymore.” Ibrahim Mumin (left) with Chattahoochee Valley Libraries Director Alan Harkness. “How happy I was to come here and not have a seat!” Ibrahim Mumin exclaimed to an overflow audience at Mildred Terry Library in the Liberty District last night. Special guest for the free community event featuring Wayne Wiegard, author...