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Caught Up: Jerome Lawson Bridges the Gap


Jerome Lawson Electric City Life Editor Frank Etheridge interviews Jerome Lawson at this food truck on 13th Street. 7.2.2019 “Caught Up: Criminal Justice in the Chattahoochee Valley” vol. 2 takes a seat #onthetable with Bridge the Gap minister Jerome Lawson. #chattchat in #ColumbusGA funded by grant support from Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee ValleyPosted by Electric City Life on...

Caught Up: Going to Jail with Chaplain Neil


Like all other sheriff deputies reporting for duty at Muscogee County Jail, Chaplain Neil Richardson doesn’t carry a gun at work. “It’d just end up getting used against you,” Richardson says during a recent tour of the city facility. He explains matter-of-factly the policy against the 100 or so Muscogee County Sheriff’s Dept. correctional officers carrying a gun while on duty. Rather, the...