Caught Up: Jerome Lawson Bridges the Gap


“Caught Up; Criminal Justice in the Chattahoochee Valley” Vol. 2

Jerome Lawson offers video intro to his Bridge the Gap approach 
and his newfound life as a self-made business owner.  7.2.2019

FULL AUDIO: ECL Editor Frank Etheridge interview with Jerome Lawson 7.2.2019

“Caught Up” is a series of profiles of diverse perspectives and experience with the criminal-justice system in the Chattahoochee Valley.

This #chattchat in #columbusga funded by an #onthetable Action Grant from the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley.

Jerome Lawson 7.2.2019

About the author

Frank Etheridge

Native son and veteran journalist Frank Etheridge is Editor of Electric City, a digital media outlet dedicated to documenting the news and culture of Columbus, Georgia.

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  • I’m here in terminal Court, East Carve, and wanted to tell you how proud I am to see and hear you, Sir. Never lose your voice or your fight and your blessing of serving as a voice for the silenced and misunderstood and our scapegoated and set up from before birth to be a “criminal” or “killer”.