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Sunday Q&A: Melissa Pritchard, Novelist / Journalist / Educator


Acclaimed writer on finding fascination in Columbus, developing the local literary scene, crafting fiction more true than truth, and awakening the genius in us all. Plus, which work she is most proud of in her stellar career — and why. How would you describe the art and science of teaching someone to write? “I didn’t start out as a teacher. I just kind of fell into it out of necessity...

Sunday Q&A: Donald L. Jordan


Real Estate Developer, Writer, Literary Philanthropist You have stated that, with the endowment that you established at Columbus State, your wish is to do for the literary arts what the university has done for visual arts and performing arts in recent years. How do you see that vision taking shape?“Actually, I was planning  to do something like this half my life, once I could afford to do it...

Words & Music, Southern Gothic Style


“I’ve written one song off Reflections of a Golden Eye from the passage where the main guy takes his wife’s horse out riding,” Aimee Bobruk says of a songwriting process that led the Austin, Texas musician to where she sat Tuesday night, sipping wine on the front porch of  Carson McCullers’ childhood home. “He’s riding, loses control and finds his bliss,” she continues, talking during a quick...