Sunday Q&A: Louise Hurless


Executive Director, Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity “It used to be that Habitat just built new houses,” the local Habitat leader says of their efforts. Working closely with the city and corporate partners with a $1 million capital campaign underway, the Columbus affiliate’s goal now is “to show the community what we do and to have a bigger impact. The ultimate goal is...

Sunday Q&A: Renata Buckner-Dowdell, LMSW, Social Worker / Life Coach / Founder & CEO, Infinity Plus, LLC


“My biggest belief is that you already have on the inside all you need,” says Renata Buckner Dowdell. “You have it in you; it’s my job to help you to see that. Help you tap into your greatness.”Learn more about the regional social worker, educator, and Founder / CEO of Infinity Plus, LLC , who works with many court-mandated clients. What all services does Infinity Plus...