Scattershot: Low-Blow Screenshots


Social-Media Algorithms Strike Again Dang it, y’all. Despite recent upgrades in my personal life, the Almighty Social-Media Algorithm still thinks I got a drug problem. The Omniscient One continues to market me as a lonesome, lone wolf on the prowl for love. “Maybe everyday is Saturday morning.”—Drive-By Truckers** Both of which I understand, given my history. But all this mess...

Scattershot: Epiphanies on the Way to Enlightenment


“Maybe everyday is Saturday morning.”—Drive-By Truckers* A STAR IS BORN One of my favorite new traditions at my church, First Presbyterian, is the celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany — climax of the Christmas season often brushed aside by Protestants but embraced by Catholics happy to keep their holiday lights bright on winter nights — when the Three Wise Men finally found Jesus...