Sunday Q&A: Ed Wolverton, CEO of Uptown, Inc.


What are the odds that a part of Uptown will be designated by the city as an ‘entertainment’ zone and allows open-containers of alcoholic beverages?“That was something that was being actively investigated prior to COVID.Obviously, discussion got derailed. Once restrictions are lifted, we’ll examine the opportunity to carry beverages from one place to the next. There are communities that have done...

Sunday Q&A: Mat Swift


Retired President & CEO, W..C. Bradley Co. Real Estate; Pioneer of Uptown’s Urban Renewal Looking around us, is the Columbus riverfront today living proof of that old city slogan—’What Progress Has Preserved’? “Yeah, I think so.The re-adaptive use of these old mills just south of here set the stage for the modern style here at the Rapids, which also incorporates aspects of the textile...