Q&A: Mike Bunn, Historian and Author


How did you choose the years to examine in your new book, Early Alabama: An Illustrated Guide to the Formative Years, 1798–1826? “Prior to statehood, the Mississippi Territory grew to eventually divide both Mississippi, which became a state in 1817, and Alabama, which became one a couple of years later in 1819.  Both states trace their origins to the original formation of the Mississippi...

Do the Evolution: A Timeline to the Columbus LGBT Community Today


The brief, big-picture timeline aims to provide a sketch of some of the people, places, and historic events that collectively guided the Columbus, Georgia LGBT community to where it is today. The timeline is broken down by what constitutes four pillars of our culture: Local Pride, Soldier Life, Church, and State. You are encouraged to provide additions, corrections, or reflections in the comments...

Sunday Q & A: Virginia Causey


Professor emeritus of history at Columbus State University, Dr. Virginia E. Causey’s book Red Clay, White Water & the Blues: A History of Columbus, Georgia will be published May 15 by University of Georgia Press. A comprehensive 344-page chronicle of the city’s nearly 200-year history, the book’s release will be celebrated at the Columbus Public Library at 5:30 p.m. Friday, April 26 This...