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Green Peace


Cultivating Gardens of Eden in Babylon With Project 3 founder Abeika Alexander “A lot of people are just used to fast food,” Abeika Alexander says. City Master Plan onnecting Columbus via bicycle Parking her bike and walking with ECL south along MLK Blvd. and its fresh-cement DragonFly Trail—city planners’ dragonfly reference an homage to the insect that’s a universal harbinger of healthy...

Do the Evolution: A Timeline to the Columbus LGBT Community Today


The brief, big-picture timeline aims to provide a sketch of some of the people, places, and historic events that collectively guided the Columbus, Georgia LGBT community to where it is today. The timeline is broken down by what constitutes four pillars of our culture: Local Pride, Soldier Life, Church, and State. You are encouraged to provide additions, corrections, or reflections in the comments...