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“Tremendously Brave”


Local film-industry executive wins $1.2 million gender-discrimination lawsuit against Carmike Cinemas in landmark legal ruling. A jury in U.S. District Court in Columbus on Wednesday awarded a former Carmike Cinemas employee a statement-making victory in her Title VII wage-discrimination claim against the company where she worked for 18 years. Columbus resident and Fall Line Entertainment founder...

Local Film-Biz Leader Crystal W. Trawick Launches Distribution Company


Tell us about your experience in the movie industry. “My experience started in 1998 when I began a part-time job with Carmike Cinemas. I worked my way up in Operations: I spent 10 years threading projectors, popping popcorn, working in the box office, just like everyone else.   Then I received the opportunity to work in Carmike’s Film Department, where I spent four years acquiring films from the...