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Sunday Q&A: Karen Ouzts Proprietor, Heritage Art Center


How did you come up with the name, Heritage Art Center?  “I wanted to pay tribute to my dad, Roger Williamson, who passed away. He always wanted to pursue art but he worked in the mills all his life, putting in lots of hours first at Fieldcrest and then the majority of his career at Swift. My dad loved woodworking. He made incredible furniture; he did phenomenal cabinetry. He always...

Office Space


Who could have imagined the seismic shift in the way we live, work, and play that occurred when Steve Jobs caught lightning in a bottle with a flash of LSD-induced genius and created the iPhone? Jobs is dead but his genius lives on. Today, iPhones shape global connection and commerce. One decade after his invention hit the market, one obvious impact of Job’s personal-freedom principle has been...