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Sunday Q&A: The Do Good Fund Opens Doors to Southern Photography


A conversation with Gallery Outreach Coordinator Eliza Daffin. Additional comments by Collection Manager Jessica Hughes.  What distinguishes Southern photography as compared to photography from other places?“Southern photography is really rooted in history. And the place. Some Southerners have a real pride in where they’re from and who they are.Even though the history of the South is pretty...

Take a Walk on the Wild Side


to the ArtBeat of Rick McKnight CSU offers free shuttle service on 15-passenger vans tonight for ArtWalk, Rick McKnight explains, however this personal tour of Uptown’s vibrant art scene comes courtesy of the open-air cart driven by Henry Carswell. A popular Uptown Ambassador (aka “the Purple People”), Carswell calmly navigates McKnight’s itinerary. The tour is a fun, frenetic, and free-wheeling...