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Heroes on the Water & the Invisible String


By Andy Carpenter My son, who just turned four, loves the book The Invisible String.It’s a story of reassurance and connection between people — no matter what the circumstance or distance or time. As my son works through separation anxiety, potentially heightened by the persistence of COVID and the fears and uncertainty surrounding it, I can see his mind churning...

Sunday Q&A: Steve Scott


Strut the Hooch parade founder, musician, educator, author U.S. Navy veteran, bon vivant How would you describe the Strut the Hooch parade to the uninitiated? “As a kind of giant Mardi Gras parade.”Is it hard to instill that Mardi Gras vibe in Columbus?“No. I’ve found people who want to have a lot of fun and show off their personality and their creativity.”What are some of the most creative...