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Scattershot: Low-Blow Screenshots


Social-Media Algorithms Strike Again Dang it, y’all. Despite recent upgrades in my personal life, the Almighty Social-Media Algorithm still thinks I got a drug problem. The Omniscient One continues to market me as a lonesome, lone wolf on the prowl for love. “Maybe everyday is Saturday morning.”—Drive-By Truckers** Both of which I understand, given my history. But all this mess...

Best of Pop Culture in 2014


As an entertainment writer and critic, I watch more television than I’d like to admit (after all, I want you to take me seriously as a human); I watch all the movies in the Best Picture category; I spend far too much time with social media; I listen to podcasts, music, interviews, radio shows; and I read a dozen magazines a month. I’m a busy girl, but it’s worth it to see what everyone likes (and...