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Sunday Q&A, Memorial Day Edition: Army Veterans Visit the Global War on Terrorism Memorial


Army Buddies: Joe Farruggia (left) and Jonathan Gaver (right) When did you serve in the Army and in which division?Joe: “We were privates together in 21 Infantry in the ‘90s, back when it was out of Ft. Wainwright in Alaska. I was in before 9/11.”Jonathan:  “I served from 94 to ‘99, then I came back in 2002.”Why did you decide to re-enlist?Jonathan: “One, I missed the camaraderie of the Army...

Sunday Q & A (Memorial Day edition): Brian Sikma, Armor Officer, Wisconsin Army National Guard


Visits the Vietnam and Global War on Terror Memorial sites, National Infantry Museum, Ft. Benning, Georgia What inspired you to come visit this memorial today? “I have relatives who have served and gone before me. My wife had two grandfathers who served in Vietnam. Their prior service is a big part of the reason why I joined—to continue that tradition. So I thought today would be a perfect...

Sunday Q & A: Dr. David White


Vice-Chancellor, Troy University-Phenix City Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.) How did your military career help prepare you for becoming the head of a university? “The military spends a lot of time training leaders. That leadership and administration and supervision—which are all parts of higher positions at any organization—benefit from that type of training. I spent 26 years in the military. I got a...