Sunday Q&A, Memorial Day Edition: Army Veterans Visit the Global War on Terrorism Memorial


Army Buddies: Joe Farruggia (left) and Jonathan Gaver (right) When did you serve in the Army and in which division?Joe: “We were privates together in 21 Infantry in the ‘90s, back when it was out of Ft. Wainwright in Alaska. I was in before 9/11.”Jonathan:  “I served from 94 to ‘99, then I came back in 2002.”Why did you decide to re-enlist?Jonathan: “One, I missed the camaraderie of the Army...

Sunday Q&A: David Houser


Team River Runner, Ft. Benning / Warrior on the Water What is Team River Runner?  “Team River Runner is a national 501c3 nonprofit. The goal is to get military veterans and their families out on the water as cheap as possible, if not for free. To promote healing and fellowship with fellow veterans. A lot of the veterans are coming back and wanting something with the adrenaline similar to...

Caught Up: Going to Jail with Chaplain Neil


“Caught Up: Criminal Justice in the Chattahoochee Valley” Vol. 1 Like all other sheriff deputies reporting for duty at Muscogee County Jail, Chaplain Neil Richardson doesn’t carry a gun at work. “It’d just end up getting used against you,” Richardson says during a recent tour of the city facility. He explains matter-of-factly the policy against the 100 or so Muscogee County Sheriff’s...