Columbus Souls


“I got these glasses in prison. I was dating a girl off and on. I was at the bar by myself, and the girl was left by herself with no ride. I lived up the street but drove to Harris County from downtown (Columbus). It was raining really bad and we fished tailed. I flipped my car and crashed. She died in the crash. She wasn’t wearing her seat belt. When they showed up to the scene, I told them to take me to jail. I got charged with vehicular homicide with a DUI. It’s considered a violent crime, one under rape. I got a 15 year, do 5. I served for 3 years and nine months in prison. Then a year and three months on parole. The other ten years I’m (still) doing on probation. I got screwed because I got a new public defender.”


*Columbus Souls is the newest project by Electric City Life. We are featuring people on the streets of Columbus, GA and sharing their words.


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By Jacy