Sunday Q&A: Paul Pierce


Part 2 with the Producing Artistic Director of the Springer Opera House Read Part 1 here. How would you describe your response, and the response of your staff, to COVID? “It has not been easy.  Fortunately, I have a staff of very smart, very innovative people.Just like everyone at the beginning, we didn’t know how long this was going to last. The idea was: Everybody was going to go home for...

Do the Evolution: A Timeline to the Columbus LGBT Community Today


The brief, big-picture timeline aims to provide a sketch of some of the people, places, and historic events that collectively guided the Columbus, Georgia LGBT community to where it is today. The timeline is broken down by what constitutes four pillars of our culture: Local Pride, Soldier Life, Church, and State. You are encouraged to provide additions, corrections, or reflections in the comments...

Unbroken Circle


A surprising-to-some dash of ethnic and cultural diversity has quietly thrived for decades in Columbus thanks in large part to the cross-pollinating predilections of global commerce and globe-trotting Army soldiers.  Established to cater to international visitors coming to Columbus as host site for the softball competition pf the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, CIRCLE (the Commission for International...