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Caught Up: Jerome Lawson Bridges the Gap


Jerome Lawson Electric City Life Editor Frank Etheridge interviews Jerome Lawson at this food truck on 13th Street. 7.2.2019 “Caught Up: Criminal Justice in the Chattahoochee Valley” vol. 2 takes a seat #onthetable with Bridge the Gap minister Jerome Lawson. #chattchat in #ColumbusGA funded by grant support from Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee ValleyPosted by Electric City Life on...

Sunday Q&A: Davian Chester


Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Real Toon Social-Justice Doodler You caused an online stir back in February, when Buzzfeed wrote about your renderings of Black Disney princesses. What do you think the general public’s reaction is going to be when they’re shown Jesus was a black man? “I think we’ve already started to see more and more images of Jesus as a black man. I know that I’ve personally...

Green Peace


Cultivating Gardens of Eden in Babylon With Project 3 founder Abeika Alexander “A lot of people are just used to fast food,” Abeika Alexander says. City Master Plan onnecting Columbus via bicycle Parking her bike and walking with ECL south along MLK Blvd. and its fresh-cement DragonFly Trail—city planners’ dragonfly reference an homage to the insect that’s a universal harbinger of healthy...

Sunday Q&A: Wyndhem Ennaemba


Trombonist (Atlantis Collective), Label Co-Founder (CloudStepper Records), Audio Engineer (The Loft Recording Studio) How did playing in a marching band prepare you to become a professional musician? “A lot of the marching band stuff that I did, especially later in high school, was in more of a leadership role. A lot of it was listening skills—knowing how to be part of a band. The leadership...

Sunday Q&A: Autumn Amos, Development Director, Alzheimer’s Association: Georgia Chapter


What does being directly involved in the fight to cure Alzheimer’s mean to you personally?“My grandfather [Jeff Kirkland] passed away from the disease about six years ago. So at that point I became interested in learning more about the disease. I think that, presently, almost everyone has a tie to the disease, either by losing a loved one, or as a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s.”...

Sunday Q&A: Elizabeth Dillard


Executive Director, Homeless Resource Network Center, Inc. Is the homeless population of Columbus swept under the rug? “I don’t think it’s visible for many people. I don’t think many people feel there’s much homelessness in the community. But we do. Poverty is the best indicator of homelessness and we have growing poverty here—so we’ll probably continue to have a growing homeless population...

Sunday Q&A: John C. Hudgison


Director, Building Inspections & Code Enforcement Dept., Columbus Consolidated Government Why is the city putting such an emphasis on blighted properties now? “Since I’ve been over the department the last 3 years, I think it’s always been an issue, and it’s just something that we’re putting a magnifying glass on now. What will the plan to fight blight be like once put into action? The first...

Sunday Q&A: Shana Young


Executive Director, Leadership Institute at Columbus State University Is a leader born? Or is a leader made? “A leader is made. Absolutely. If leaders weren’t made, we’d be out of business. Our whole premise is built on the fact that people can grow. We all have opportunities to do better—to be better—all the time. That’s really what leadership is all about: Being the best version of yourself you...

Caught Up: Going to Jail with Chaplain Neil


Like all other sheriff deputies reporting for duty at Muscogee County Jail, Chaplain Neil Richardson doesn’t carry a gun at work. “It’d just end up getting used against you,” Richardson says during a recent tour of the city facility. He explains matter-of-factly the policy against the 100 or so Muscogee County Sheriff’s Dept. correctional officers carrying a gun while on duty. Rather, the...

Do the Evolution: A Timeline to the Columbus LGBT Community Today


The brief, big-picture timeline aims to provide a sketch of some of the people, places, and historic events that collectively guided the Columbus, Georgia LGBT community to where it is today. The timeline is broken down by what constitutes four pillars of our culture: Local Pride, Soldier Life, Church, and State. You are encouraged to provide additions, corrections, or reflections in the comments...

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