Joshua Darien: Urban Legends Through History, Culture, & Diversity


“I think it’s a mix of the good and bad. There’s some stories that need to be highlighted because they’re so good, there’s some stories that need to be highlighted because they’re so bad…” Joshua Darien, an Auburn-born digital creator, is shining a light on forgotten tales from the southeast. Back in June of 2022, he took to social media to unbury urban legends that’d fallen to the wayside. He...

Open Mics Crucial for Creatives


Let’s talk about our local performers. On Feb. 9, we held our third open mic at Giovanna’s in Phenix City, AL. Emphasis on “open” – we jump from comedy, to rap, to poetry in the span of an hour-and-a-half. Some comedians new, some with years-worth of performances under their belt. A rap artist of over a decade, to a poet who’d never spoken to an audience. Most...

Heritage Park Being Saved By The Historic Columbus Foundation


Heritage Park in the Columbus Historic District has been in disrepair for years.  The Historic Columbus Foundation built the one acre park in the early 1990s and donated it to the city. “The park had major water features that did not work and caused repairs to skyrocket,” said Justin Krieg, director of Planning and Programs for Historic Columbus Foundation to Chuck Williams at WRBL.  Now...

Some of Us Aren’t Coming Home


“This Is Not What You Wanted” by Alyssa Monks Some of us aren’t coming home. We didn’t go off to war- but we had to sit with ourselves, we couldn’t run from it or the family trauma, it is on us to deal with it. It is OUR TIME, We are cycle changers. No amount of career “success” will suffice. For some of us, it’s too much… A drink, a puff, a pill, a bump, a dose, a...

Kadie the Cow MOOOVES


Columbus’ favorite cow made her move to Uptown Columbus!

Kadie now lives on the river, in between the playground and zip line, across the street from Banks Food Hall on Bay Avenue.

A team is evaluating what cosmetic upgrades that she’ll need. Now, we just need to find her baby calf….

Christmas in Columbus, GA


The 2022 Christmas Season brought with it a beautiful cold front.

1000 Block of Broadway

1200 Block of Broadway

We all enjoyed the beautiful iced fountains this year in what others have nicknamed, “The Fountain City.”

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

A True Homecoming


Dear reader, I hope you find this not as much as an informative piece, but rather a sincere invitation to a celebration.  Saturday, October 15th I’ll be performing at The Loft Green Room Stage to celebrate the release of Play It Loud So the Stars Can Hear in my hometown of Columbus, Georgia. I’ve lived in Nashville since 2018, so it’s certainly a homecoming in that literal sense...

Sunday Q&A: Gaby Osterburg Azhar


“What Isn’t Remembered”: A Courtyard Chat on Life and Writing What do you remember about the photo on the cover of your book?“I don’t really recall anything from it — I was too young. It was part of a collection of old photos that my mother had that I recently unearthed that I thought would be perfedt for the book. It was in Germany. I would have been about 2, maybe 3. I think my mother told me...