Connect Columbus Is Bringing The City To You!


Are you looking for a way to engage in the community? To see why the Columbus, Georgia Region is a great place to work, live and play?


The Young Professionals are hosting their 4th annual “Connect Columbus” event Thursday evening, at The Columbus Museum, 5:30-7:30 p.m. and they are bringing the city to you!


In an effort to connect YPs to the community, this event will feature networking opportunities with various social, civic, recreational or professional organizations.


Think of Columbus, GA throwing a huge networking party, for you, with over 35 vendors, food, drinks and music!


Connect Columbus serves as an outlet for individuals with the desire to explore the thriving cultural and special interest communities within the Region. You can also obtain head shots for only $5 and play around in the Photo Booth!


Why you should go:

1. There will be free swag and give-a-ways! Everybody wants you to remember them, so they will bribe you with gifts, and you’ll like it.

2. B&B will be doing a free summer beer tasting for anyone who attends the event, and there will also be multiple vendors bringing food.

3. Learn more about our community and meet people interested in similar ideas. Plus, we will be there to talk with you about what you’d like to see in Columbus, stop by to say hey!


*Admission is free for Young Professional members, and $15 for future members.

Pictures provided by Connect Columbus.

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  • Really excited to have The Currys come to The Loft Fri pm
    Grew to love from seeing perform at Indian Pass Raw Bar Port St Joe FL -brothers grew up at Cape San Blas
    This young trio of 2 brothers and cousin create incredible music with a natural harmony that can only result from singing and playing together most all their lives. Believe they have the talent, charisma, & charm to make it, catch them locally before they’re big time.

    Check out The Currys FaceBook page and web page is I believe!
    YouTube TheCurrysMusic

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