11 Reasons to Get Way Down


By: Alia Teetshorn

  1. You can actually see movies on a screen bigger than your MacBook (and you don’t have to beg your roommate for his mom’s HBOGo password).

2. You’ll be able to say “I was way into Way Down way before you were…”

3. Guys, there will be cute girls, like, everywhere.

4. Gals, you can film festival and chill…it’s like Netflix and chill but you get to actually watch films. 

5. The short films are split into themed blocks perfect for your millennial attention span. No film is longer than 23 minutes so you can’t/won’t even want to look at your phone. 

6. It’s held at the Springer Opera House. The ambiance is on point. 

7. There won’t be a quiz AND you can meet filmmakers from all over the world!  Hear about how they do their job during Q&As at Morning Coffee.

8. Your friends back home will be crazy jealous of your Instagram posts.

9. Two day passes are 50% off for students!!!

10. Your parents will think you are refined and classy. 

11. You know those awesome class days when your professor shows a movie? Yeah…

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