One City, Two Rallies: Red and Blue Work to Win a Purple Peach State


Politicians, party loyalists, and people looking just to pass a good time showed up in strong numbers for two events last Saturday. Not just any sunny Deep South winter’s day, Saturday also marked the first day for early voting in two U.S.Senate run-off contests that have cast Georgia in the national spotlight.

Held just a couple of miles and a couple hours apart, one rally had nearly all Black attendees while the other was of a decidedly Caucasian persuasion. One had most everyone in masks. Hardly anyone wore them at the other.

One cheered for the Blue team. The other rooted for the Red.

Y’all can probably guess which is which.

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Frank Etheridge

Native son and veteran journalist Frank Etheridge is Editor of Electric City, a digital media outlet dedicated to documenting the news and culture of Columbus, Georgia.

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By Frank Etheridge