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Out and about in Columbus, Georgia — curious and carrying an iPhone. We stop and chat with citizens of all stripes and persuasions that make up this great city on the Chattahoochee.

Lylie Mae Makes Bubble Bath Music


Lylie Mae sitting for Electric City Life Live Lylie Mae began her musical journey by working at The Loft for over eight years, moving from host to server to bartender to sound engineer to headliner. “That’s my little home, my little family, whenever I go there, that’s where I laid my roots down,” shares LM, “At one point, I quit and moved for several months to Fiji. When I came back I’d lost...

Get on the Bus


“There’s something about driving a bus that’s very empowering, very freeing,” says Candice Crooke, owner of mobile boutique Fountain City Mystic. “It’s really cool to be able to incorporate that feeling , that vine, into your business.”Watch and learn how Candice parlayed her family tradition of vintage-clothing retail, frustration with working in corporate fashion, a quarter-life crisis, and a...

The Music Maker


Local musician — as well as producer, audio engineer and educator — Jesse Shelby talks about the inspiration he finds by continuing family traditions, playing with personal heroes, and finding hidden gems in the Chattahoochee Valley’s deep pool of talent.#columbusga

Gratitude is the Attitude


This year for Thanksgiving, we at Electric City Life are grateful for the vibrant blossom of public-art projects that have cast our city in a new light. We’re thankful for all the visionary civic leaders, business owners, artists, art patrons and art lovers who together have applied this primer coat on the transformation of Columbus, Georgia.And local artist Ralph Frank? He’s thankful...

Get Up, Stand Up: Photographer Sammie Saxon on Being a Black Artist Today


Taking part in a exhibition that opens MLK Day at Vertigo’s High Room, local photographer Sammie Saxon says on how that reflects Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy: “Just the fact that a group of Black men can put on a show like this shows how much progress has been made.” HOWEVER … “The events of the past year have awakened people to the fact that our rights are...

One City, Two Rallies: Red and Blue Work to Win a Purple Peach State


Politicians, party loyalists, and people looking just to pass a good time showed up in strong numbers for two events last Saturday. Not just any sunny Deep South winter’s day, Saturday also marked the first day for early voting in two U.S.Senate run-off contests that have cast Georgia in the national spotlight. Held just a couple of miles and a couple hours apart, one rally had nearly all...

“Citizen’s Arrest: Subpoena Powers & Police Accountability”

Tapped to be part of the commission examining the long-simmering controversy over subpoenaing Columbus Police Dept. officers, Rev. Adrian J. Chester says he has “a Biblical mandate” to take a stand. The Greater Beallwood Baptist Church pastor shares his insight into the history of the Public Safety Advisory Commission, its political shortcomings, the need for police accountability...