6 Reasons Why Fashion is as Important as the Horses at Races


In 2014, Electric City Life wrote a post examining the 6 reasons why The Steeplechase isn’t just about horses. In honor of the inaugural Pegasus World Cup, held this past January in Indiana, we thought we would look at the side of racing considered by some to be as important as the horses: the race day fashion. These tips will be useful if you are planning to visit a race in the upcoming months...

God’s In The Water


– So, tell me about your book. What made you want to write a book to begin with? – “In the early stages I didn’t realize it was a going to be a book. I was in this strange place mentally where everything I was writing (mostly songs and poems) all had similar tones. At first I thought I was writing a premise for a song, then it became a poem, then it was a rough draft of chapter...

Zac Young


“My name is Zac Young, I’m 27. I am a musician and a writer. I’ve visited many places for my music, but I was born and raised here. I could drive a taxi here, ’cause I know the roads so well. I’ve lived in every exit, damn near.” – Do you think you could live in another city, another place, and re-establish yourself easily somewhere else? Would you want...

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