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“My name is Zac Young, I’m 27. I am a musician and a writer. I’ve visited many places for my music, but I was born and raised here. I could drive a taxi here, ’cause I know the roads so well. I’ve lived in every exit, damn near.”

– Do you think you could live in another city, another place, and re-establish yourself easily somewhere else? Would you want to? –

“Absolutely, yeah. I’ve considered many cities. Nashville, Austin and Savannah are interesting. I feel like that would be my kind of spot. The culture in all of those cities are great. I’d come back to Columbus though…eventually.”

– What were your earliest memories of playing music? –

” The earliest? Well, I come from a line of musicians. My grandfather was a musician. My dad is a musician…and, as a kid, I was embarrassed by that, because my dad did it so it wasn’t ‘cool’ to me because I was ‘going to be an athlete.’ (Laughs) So, I think I was in the tenth grade….for silly reasons I wasn’t allowed to play in the basketball team anymore because I’d been in trouble too much, which upset me at the time, but if it hadn’t been for that….I never would have gone to music. I was just learning how to play guitar at the time. I told myself, I wasn’t going to let the bloodline end with me as the kid who didn’t continue the music. So then, I just really got into it.”

– Did you feel any pressure to do it? Did you feel you had to? –

“Nah. What’s funny about most musician-stories is, or I feel like the better stories are…you know, hearing about musicians say things like, ‘My parent’s didn’t support it…or they would say “Stay away from that Devil rock n’ roll music!’ But my family endorsed it to the max. I always had support from them and they were excited about it. They still support me to this day doing it even though I’m 27 now instead of being 18.

Stereomonster came together when I turned 21. We did that full time for six years. It’s been an awesome ride.”

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