Caught Up: Jed Tuiolosega’s Purpose-Driven Push to Lift Up Convicted Children


Local YMCA child-care director stepped up this year to serve as the Board/Chairman of the combined Aron Cohn Regional / Muscogee Youth Detention facilities in northeast Columbus housing local kids caught up in the juvenile justice system.

“Criminal Justice in the Chattahoochee Valley” series Vol. 5

Jed Tuiolosega (aka Coach T) Sept. 2019
ECL Editor Frank Etheridge interview with Jed Tuiolosega 9.20.2019
Jed helped provide for the first-ever cook-out this summer for incarcerated juveniles, their family, facility staff and others.

“Caught Up: Criminal Justice in the Chattahoochee Valley” series is made possible by the Action Grants program with the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley.

Jed Tuiolosega is the Assistant Branch Manger
& Child Care Director at the D.A. Turner YMCA
in addition to volunteer duties as President/Chairman of the board
for the Aron Cohn Regional / Muscogee YDC facilities
housing children caught up in the juvenile criminal-justice system.

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By Frank Etheridge