God’s In The Water


– So, tell me about your book. What made you want to write a book to begin with? –

“In the early stages I didn’t realize it was a going to be a book. I was in this strange place mentally where everything I was writing (mostly songs and poems) all had similar tones. At first I thought I was writing a premise for a song, then it became a poem, then it was a rough draft of chapter one. After that, the momentum carried, I was overwhelmed with excitement, fell in love with story and characters; it was my sanctuary.

I honestly got lucky. Whatever was going around in my head the night I wrote the first paragraph, or what was going on in my life… if I hadn’t handwritten it at that precise moment a book would have not happened. I’m not trying to sit here and be like ‘hey! Look what i did!’ I’m certainly not saying I’m happy and content with the book or where I am now. I made mistakes. I learned a lot. I know where I can do better, but I do want to say that you never know what one action could lead to.

One silly doodle-drawing-painting; one sentence-poem-book; stanza-song-album. Those are just creative-based examples, but it applies in any endeavor. And if something doesn’t become bigger or better, as long as it did something for you, that’s all that matters.”

– I highly recommend everyone go to www.godsinthewater.com and purchase this book! Columbus, you can also go to Judy Bugs, The Tap and Amazon to pick up a copy.

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