Some of Us Aren’t Coming Home

“This Is Not What You Wanted” by Alyssa Monks

Some of us aren’t coming home. We didn’t go off to war- but we had to sit with ourselves, we couldn’t run from it or the family trauma, it is on us to deal with it.

It is OUR TIME, We are cycle changers.

No amount of career “success” will suffice.

For some of us, it’s too much… A drink, a puff, a pill, a bump, a dose, a relationship, anything to escape, anything to avoid. Working to perform & earn your worth, or self-sabotage, intrusive thoughts, sleeping w/ all the guys/gals, self-harm, we feel we aren’t good enough or strong enough to face this, to feel all of it- to evolve out of the cycles that have held generations back…

SOME of us aren’t coming home, since some of our parents left us, our lovers gave up, even “friends” & “mentors” too, so we can’t go back to that “home”… BUT some of us are continuing to fight (systematic generational trauma) by working through our junk, feeling it all & transmuting it in LOVE 🙌🏽

Coming home to ourselves: Where WE aren’t shaken if someone dies, leaves or betrays us because we are founded in LOVE, we are filled with joy & centered in peace. But some of us aren’t coming home because the fight was too much— so maybe give grace instead of judgement next time you see someone lost trying to find their way home 💞

Dedicated to all of those gone too soon by suicide, drug overdose & the side effects.

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