What Would You Like To See in Columbus, GA?


Last night we posed this question on a table cloth, pictured above, at the Connect Columbus event. We engaged with the attendees and had some powerful conversations about their ideas of Columbus culture, how we have grown and how we can grow.

Many people didn’t know some of the attractions they wanted are already here. Other people wanted something that multiple people wanted. The responses were widely varied, and we were happy to faciliatate the discussion of possibilities.

Some of the answers included: Trader Joe’s, a gay bar, a theme park, more mural arts, a meditation center, a creative space, community gardens, solar panels, more festivals, rooftop gardens and more!

Now who wants to make one of these ideas happen, or help someone who is already doing it?

We are starting a “Monthly Meeting of the Minds” at The Loft, more details to come, because y’all are full of ideas and we want to connect you.

Many people don’t know what is already present in Columbus, and some of you are thinking or working on the same thing. We would love to see our community join forces together and make even more of an impact on our revitalizing town.

Thank you for engaging with us in positive toned conversations to help shape our culture and city.

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By Jacy