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The World is Watching Columbus, GA Film Industry


This year we’ve had a front row seat experiencing the evolution of Columbus’ film scene, while Georgia became third in the world for film production! This past year, CSU & Springer Opera House married to birth Georgia Film Academy, and was a catalyst for the inaugural Way Down Film Festival. The climax was watching Fun Academy Motion Pictures establish an office here for...

Fountain City Film Society


The mission of the Fountain City Film Society is to create a community of individuals who appreciate cinema, and gather on a regular basis to watch and discuss the kinds of films that rarely screen in Columbus, Georgia. The FCFS is not a film appreciation class or based on the idea that the members are an audience who should be lectured to during the meetings. The goal is to facilitate the...

Fun Academy Motion Pictures to Enter Production on Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero


Fun Academy™Motion Pictures, an innovator in educational entertainment for digital cinemas, announced production on the upcoming animated feature film Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero™ will begin with scratch vocal recordings at The Loft Recording Studios in Columbus, Georgia on Sunday, June 19th. Fun Academy selected The Loft’s recording studio to begin production due to the extraordinary quality...

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