A Modern Love Story


A MODERN LOVE STORY Nearly 50 years ago a love story began between two teenagers at Baker High School. The military took the two Army Brats, Val Webb And Sherry Jackson, around the world and brought them together at Fort Benning, Georgia, where their fathers were stationed as Colonels. Val was an honor student, Sherry was Student Council Secretary; Val was the captain of the wrestling team...

Daphne’s Bridal Boutique


Originally featured in Southern Views Magazine By Stephanie Reeves | Photos by S. Saxon Dreaming of the perfect gown for your wedding day is just one of the many thoughts that go through a brides mind, if not the most important one of them all. Daphne’s Bridal Boutique is here to help you find the perfect style and dress that fits your vision. Daphne sat down with SVM to talk about what sets her...

We Could Have A New State Park, Your Input is Needed


A little over a year ago a group of local folks began exploring the possibility of creating a multi-use trail system at the Standing Boy property owned by State Parks (1,580 acres located east of River Road and south of old River Road). The property is currently managed as a Wildlife Management Area and is not utilized to its fullest extent. The Department of Natural Resources is exploring...

Eliza Morrill


Featured originally in Southern Views Magazine By Stephanie Reeves Eliza loves couples coming together, the crisp drama of a perfect dress and that split second as a loving expression breaks across the face of a new husband. Eliza specializes in capturing these sublime moments so you can cherish them forever. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Capturing every moment...

Denham’s Florist


Featured originally on Southern Views Magazine By Stephanie Reeves | Photos by S. Saxon Flowers are an important part to making any special occasion or ceremony unique. The Wedding Day is one of the most important days of the bridal couple’s lives. On any wedding day, flowers are one of the most important elements, and indeed an integral part of any wedding ceremony across cultures. From getting...

What is Monthly Meeting of the Minds?


When we founded Electric City Life we founded a platform for our community, in the Columbus, GA area, to come together online and engage in our culture through collaborative, positive toned conversation, articles, pictures, events and more. After about a year, I saw that this virtual platform needed a real life platform where we could come together every month, about different subjects, with an...

(Electric) Citylife Massage was Shocking


It was a typical Monday, yesterday: reactive and chaotic. A thousand small projects took the complicated route. A long walk helped, but wasn’t enough. It was time for a massage. Close to 4pm, I finally decided to book a massage for two people. We have a personal massage therapist but she isn’t usually available the day of, so I asked Google who the best massage places were in...

The Missing Link


Columbus State University College of the Arts has been at the core of the Uptown Columbus evolution. Yet, no college art department is complete without a Department of Dance.

Columbus High School Ranks #2 in Georgia


Electric City Life is stoked to announce Columbus High School ranks number two for top ranked schools in Georgia! Columbus High has a history of making the top ranked list in Georgia and we couldn’t be more proud of them. Of the Georgia schools ranked in 2016 for the U.S. News Best High Schools, 15 were awarded gold medals, 43 earned silver medals and 41 received bronze medals. Top 10...

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