Changing of the Guards


“Changing of the Guards” is a phrase originally referring to a shift change of new guards replacing the old guards at Buckingham Palace, and depicts what appears to be happening in our community. The saying metaphorically signifies new people replacing people in positions of importance. A “Changing of the Guard” can be an elaborate ceremony with fanfare, like at Buckingham Palace, or...

Vision for Electric City Life


Published in Her & Playgrounds Magazine. After buying a loft downtown two years ago, my heart has grown tremendously for our community and our development. After selling my family’s tax business, I started booking/marketing for The Loft, CutBait Music Festival, and a lot of other projects/events for the past two years. During this time I realized the lack of synergy and coverage on cool...

Best of Pop Culture in 2014


As an entertainment writer and critic, I watch more television than I’d like to admit (after all, I want you to take me seriously as a human); I watch all the movies in the Best Picture category; I spend far too much time with social media; I listen to podcasts, music, interviews, radio shows; and I read a dozen magazines a month. I’m a busy girl, but it’s worth it to see what everyone likes (and...

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