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The Best B's of Summer!


Uptown Columbus and Budweiser are partnering to host the inaugural Budweiser + Burgers Cook-Off, Saturday, June 6, 4-10pm at The Park at 11th & Bay, and admission is FREE!

Market Days on Broadway


Uptown Columbus, Inc. launched Market Days on the 1000 block of Broadway in 2008, and took up about half the block. Now, EVERY Saturday morning Broadway transforms the 900, 1000 & 1100 blocks! Market Days has taken over the medians, The RiverCenter property, and has become a highly anticipated, weekly event for many Columbusites. Over 150 local vendors are lined down Broadway! Many of them...

We Can Be Heroes​


I came across a disturbing article on this morning reporting that four major cancer charities are shams (). I tried to read the entire article that focused on the one family that runs these four cancer charities, but, like the dollar bill graphic illustrating just how much money this parasitical family swindled from cancer patients to blow on “vehicles, personal consumer goods, college...

Columbus Souls


“CSU did a symposium.  They took us around for the day and it really impressed me. The creative director guy always comes over to Spencer, where I go to school, and checks up on me to see if I’m still interested; and I am. I want to continue manifesting my art. Quincy Brown came here, to my school, on tour for his movie, and everybody was trying to figure out a way to get...

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